José-Augusto França book series

«Biblioteca José-Augusto França», is a book series planned to have 16 volumes, selected by the author himself. An essayist, art critic, editor and prolific author, José-Augusto França (1922) is one of the most notable Portuguese intellectuals and one of the most outstanding art historians of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Duarte Azinheira, director the Portuguese National Press, highlights the fact that many of the works to be published in this series have been revised and expanded, with some of them featuring new and dispersed material. The series intends to bring together the best of the reflection of a man that UNESCO considered as a major symbol of European thought.
With this series, the Portuguese National Press fulfils its public mission, honouring the author by promoting an updated insight into his work.

The Portuguese National Press has been responsible for the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture, but is equally world renowned for the creation, production and supply of printed goods and services that demand high safety standards.


Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda



Creative Direction

João Bicker


Rita Marquito

Photographs by
Daniel Santos