Estoril-Sol Residence

Signage system for Estoril-Sol Residence complex.

The Estoril-Sol Residence set of luxury apartments is located at the mouth of the Ribeira da Castelhana Valley - a very curious place because it generates a microclimate. The relationship between the sea and the valley was for Gonçalo Byrne, the architect of the project, the great challenge.
“[…] Dialogue with this great unity between Cliff, Valley and Nature, and connecting this with a Sculpture facing the sea was the challenge I faced." Gonçalo Byrne

Due to geographical constraints and in particular the proximity to the sea, the challenge faced by the architect also became our own. The choice of materials for the signage system was determined by the need for materials with good resistance to the atmospheric conditions on the site. The bespoke signage system was produced from stainless steel plates and opaque white and black acrylic, creating a refined and elegant image, and language, through contrast. Outdoor components with incorporated lighting were designed in addition to the identification of specific interior rooms and spaces.

Van Condensed, designed specifically for use in signage by the Portuguese type designer Ricardo Santos, was the chosen typeface for the project.

Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos is a Portuguese, Lisbon based Architecture firm with an extensive body of work in several countries including Portugal, Italy and Belgium.


Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos



Creative Direction

João Bicker


Daniel Santos

Signage needs assessment

Cristina Catarino/FBA.


Gonçalo Byrne Architets

Photographs by
Daniel Santos