EPIA 2015

Visual identity and collateral design for EPIA 2015 - the 17th Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

The starting point for this identity was to try to understand the underlying nature of EPIA. In essence: a meeting, a meeting point, a point where knowledge merges, mixes and shares, a point of combining knowledge, sharing ideas, where everything intersects and recombines, giving rise to new starting points.

Since EPIA is about Artificial Intelligence, we wanted to bring Artificial Intelligence itself into EPIA's identity. The visual identity is generated by an algorithm that evolves from something unintelligible to EPIA, and that allows EPIA to evolve to something else, showing that a starting point is just a starting point, but that different paths lead to different results, at the same time that all paths will lead to EPIA.

The EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence is a well-established European conference. The purpose of this conference is to promote research in all areas of AI, covering both theoretical/foundational issues and applications, and the scientific exchange among researchers, engineers and practitioners in related disciplines.


Departamento de Engenharia Informática



Creative Director

João Bicker


Ana Soares