Conselhos de quem sabe

This series conveys the teachings of international business world leading figures. The books speak of how fortunes were built, how businesses were developed and share insights and advice with those who love to learn from reference examples.

The book covers graphically transmit the idea of ​​something reliable and solid through a straightforward design that brings together three elements: raw typography applied according to the rule of best legibility - black on white - clarity in the arrangement of elements and vibrant color on the monochrome background.
The notion of puzzle or combinatorial structure is present throughout the series, with lines connecting the different covers.
The notion of manuals or practical guides is subtly present in the design.

Actual, part of the Almedina group since 2008, is a Portuguese publisher in the fields of Economics and Management.


Actual Editora




Rita Marquito

Photographs by
Daniel Santos